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The Red Serpent Movie In Hindi Free Download

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Spartacus, a free man of Thrace, agrees to join the Romans to battle his tribe's enemies. A betrayal sends his life spinning out of control.

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original title: The Red Serpent

genge: Action,Adventure,Biography,Drama,History,Romance

duration: 55min

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In its war on the Greek peninsula, the Romans convince the Thracians to join them in defeating the Getae, who have been raiding Thracian villages for generations. The Thracians are fierce warriors and prove to be valiant in battle. They are deceived by the Roman commander, Claudius Glaber, who orders them to fight against the Greeks, something they had not counted on. One of them in particular refuses to fight and rebels against the Romans only to lose the fight and is enslaved along with his wife Sura. The Thracian is transported to Capua where Senator Albinius is sponsoring gladiatorial games. In the arena, the enslaved Thracian manages to defeat four opponents and in allowing the Thracian to live, Senator Albinius decides to name him after a Thracian king from the past: Spartacus. Spartacus, a free man of Thrace, agrees to join the Romans to battle his tribe's enemies. A betrayal sends his life spinning out of control. I, like many people, was very much looking forward to this mini series..the trailer had huge potential, and after films like 300 and Gladiator, you would think that the creators would have much to work with. But, unfortunately, the result was incredibly lame..and here's why: acting - sub par at best..lines were presented half ass and didn't show emotion that is necessary for an epic of this scale.

action scenes - amateurishly shot. now here is where 300 comes in..because anyone could tell that they took what was made in that movie and threw it into this one..but with terrible results..i have never seen a more obvious studio room setting since the old horror movies from the 1920s. im sorry, but slow motion every half a second and CGI blood slatters do not a good story make.

thats really all there was to it..action and acting..for those into costumes and the like, there is much to enjoy looking at. but other than that..a huge disappointment of a first episode..and i can only speculate that the coming episodes will be just as lame. the hour i watched was like watching every scene from 300 thrown into a smaller time limit, with worse acting and worse direction. oh..and there is plenty of sex. shot exactly like the scene in 300. jeez..this is pretty much the poor mans 300. enough ranting for me, but cmon people, be more creative than that. I thought the episode's take on the brutality and immorality of Rome was probably accurate. The faces in the crowd at the arena seemed all too real in their bloodlust. The dialogue was interesting - I'm sure people used the same kind of profanity then as they do now. The scenes where Spartacus the Thracian warrior does battle seemed in need of more extras. It looked more like a gang fight involving about a dozen combatants. The fights in the arena were very well done. I don't know how easy it was to shear off arms and legs , but if the sword was heavy enough and sharp enough; and if the gladiator was strong enough; I guess it was possible -Not!!- those legs were shorn off like a steak knife through a peeled banana.. Good acting. One thing - don't have battles in the snow if the soldiers are dressed for summer. I'm sure they must have had furs and leggings back then. Also, too much CGI (computer generated images). I hated "300" for that. I felt like I was watching a video game. Also, the lighting was terrible. Cheap production.


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